Success Stories

From The City to The Classroom

Fergal Moane

Fergal Moane's financial career was fast-paced and interesting. He travelled in first class, lunched at top restaurants and enjoyed a salary to match. But the banking crisis made him realise something was missing ??? he needed to give back. Find out how a local rugby club helped him find his new calling, and how he made it happen.

From Consulting to Design

Image of Patrick Weiss

Patrick Weiss wanted his work to be something he could see the results of in day-to-day life. He knew there must be a role out there that he could get excited about, but his own beliefs were holding him back. Here's how a technique he learnt at university helped him discover a new path.

From Merchandising to Nutrition

Image of Amy Huggins

Amy Huggins's corporate role was slowly starving her soul. Stressed and exhausted, she sought specialist help to improve her diet. But little did she know (or did she?) that she would feel so passionate about food and well-being that she'd turn it into a new career ??? and unleash her entrepreneurial side to do so. Here's her story.

From Graphic Design to Travel

Image of Adam Groffman

Adam Groffman had trodden the 'expected' path after university. But a weekend in Reykjavik taught him that he didn't have to follow the herd ??? he could design his own working life, on his own terms. Find out how he's created a bespoke career that combines his passions and lets him see the world.

From Private Equity to Social Investing

Image of Mireya Alvarez

Ever feel like you're being pulled in two opposite directions? Mireya Alvarez knew she needed to combine her passions for finance and helping others, but she was scared of losing the salary and lifestyle that came with a corporate career. Find out which side won the tug of war.

From Marketing to Own Business

Steff Booth

What do you do when you fall out of love with your job and find nothing that feels even vaguely interesting in the job ads? You could do what Steff Booth did, which was to reinvent herself and launch a business where she does the things she enjoys. Here's her story.

From Banking to Business Coaching

Osmaan Sharif

Osmaan Sharif always thought he'd climb the corporate ladder. That was until a course opened his eyes to a new way of working. Now, he helps business owners to play to their strengths and experience rapid transformations of their own. Here's how he went from employee to entrepreneur.

From Research to Teaching

Image of Estefania de Torres

Estefania de Torres Socias hated her job, but was also terrified of leaping into the unknown. When she was nearly in an accident, she reassessed her life. Here's the story of what happened next and how she found a career that fits more authentically with who she is.

From Skyscrapers to Software

Image of Andrea

Andrea was frustrated by his slow-moving industry. Now he's found work that not only fulfils him, but is also better paid and has better prospects. Here, he shares how failure ??? and a push from a loved one ??? can bring surprising results.